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What Treatment Options Are There for Impacted Canines?

Posted on 1/25/2020 by Pacific Oral and Facial Surgery Center
What Treatment Options Are There for Impacted Canines?When it comes to impacted teeth, the wisdom teeth are the most common. Most people are surprised to find out their canines are the next most common. It's estimated that 2% of the population experiences impacted canines, with women having it more commonly than men.

Ballista Spring Method

For extremely complex impacted canines, for example, ones that are directly above your other teeth, the ballista spring method has proven successful. Without getting too technical, the procedure works like this. Similar to braces, hitching point is mounted to your other teeth.

Then a line is run from it to your impacted canines. They sometimes will have to be surgically exposed. The line is connected between the two and essentially, over a period time, it pulls your canines down and over into their correct position. This allows time for any other corrections that need to take place in the surrounding teeth to be addressed as well.

Extraction of Baby Teeth

If the impaction can be spotted early enough in children, a great option is the removal of the blocking teeth. This depends on the intended angle at which the canines will travel when they erupt. By having your children consistent in their dental care, these types of situations can be spotted.

If at a young age, it's determined that one of the baby teeth is going to block the path of the permanent canines upon their arrival, the simple extraction of that tooth can allow for the tooth to grow in successfully. Having time to monitor the new tooth's eruption will also allow the time needed to address any problems with the surrounding teeth throughout the process.

If you are currently experiencing an impacted tooth, call contact us. If you have a family history of impacted teeth, we would be happy to take a look and make some recommendations about their situation.
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