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How To Fix A Gummy Mouth

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Pacific Oral and Facial Surgery Center
How To Fix A Gummy MouthA gummy mouth (excessive gingival display) happens when a more than normal amount of gum tissue is visible above the upper teeth when you smile. A gummy smile can be detected visually, but it is also diagnosed when there is more than 4 mm of gum being visible.

What causes a gummy mouth?

Your teeth may be too small in size, and this can either be because they are worn out or as a result of your genetics. If you breathe through your mouth, this can cause the gums to grow excessively over the teeth. However, the most common cause for a gummy mouth is that the upper jaw is longer than normal, in contrast to the size of your face and the available lip tissue to completely cover the gums. This results in a state where excess gum tissue remains visible.

Treating a gummy mouth

Although a gummy mouth does not indicate the presence of underlying health issues, it may lower one's confidence about the look of their smile. Luckily, there are many treatment options for people with a gummy smile including:
Gingivectomy is a medical procedure whereby your excess gums are reshaped in order to bring out the natural appearance of your teeth. The procedure improves the balance between the gums when they are shortened, and the teeth when they are lengthened.

Repositioning of the lips fixes a gummy smile that is caused by a short lip that exposes more of your gums whenever you smile. It is an uncomplicated procedure that inhibits the pulling force of the muscles that move your upper lip.

Crown lengthening is the excess mass of gums and bone that is trimmed and reshaped to reveal the entire length of your teeth.

Orthognathic surgery is a more invasive and complicated procedure that aims to correct a gummy smile caused by a long upper jaw compared to the lower jaw. The upper jaw will be recontoured to a better shape and then fixed to a new position. For more information on gummy smiles and possible remedies, reach out to us today!
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