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Missing Upper or Lower Teeth

Dental Implant options at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible.
•  Failure to do so may lead to:
•  Dramatic changes in appearance and confidence
•  Jawbone Deterioration
•  Jaw Joint Pain (TMJ)

Appearance and Confidence

Missing teeth can dramatically alter a person's appearance. A much less than perfect smile makes people uncomfortable about smiling, shy away from social situations, or cover their mouth. Missing teeth can also cause more dramatic appearance issues the longer restoration treatment is avoided. Teeth can shift into missing tooth gaps, the face may look sunken, the jaw line may move, and in general make a person look older than they really are.

Jaw Bone Deterioration

After losing a tooth the jawbone immediately begins to deteriorate through a process called resorption. The longer a tooth is missing due to extraction, injury, or disease, the more deterioration occurs. The jawbone weakens resulting in greater risk for injury and greater restoration difficulty. The jawbone also becomes noticeably smaller altering the facial appearance.

Jaw Joint Pain

Gaps left by missing teeth alter your bite and alignment as the jaw closes. This jaw alignment alteration is called an off-bite relationship. Over time the off-bite relationship can lead to acute chronic pain. This condition is called TMJ which is a reference to the Temporomandibular joint.

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