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Oral Pathology

The condition of the soft tissues in your mouth can say a lot about your oral health. When your mouth is healthy, the intraoral tissues are smooth and pink. Any changes to the color or texture of these tissues can be indicative of a major issue and should be addressed immediately. At Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center, we offer oral pathology, enabling us to diagnose oral health issues and provide you with the treatment you need.

Types of Pathological Diseases

There are various types of pathological diseases that can affect the health of your mouth. These diseases include:
•  Geographic tongue. A healthy tongue is covered in tiny little bumps called papillae. With geographic tongue, you are missing sections of papillae, creating an almost map-like appearance. The patches of missing papillae may also become red and irritated.
•  Hairy tongue. Hairy tongue is a condition in which your tongue appears black and hairy. It can be caused by poor oral hygiene, but it may also be caused by an overuse of antibiotics.
•  Median palatal cysts. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that often forms as a result of an infection. While noncancerous, they can cause significant pain. Median palatal cysts occur in the roof of your mouth.
•  Oral cancer. While most pathological diseases are not dangerous, oral cancer is. In fact, it can be fatal if not found and treated early. Oral cancer is the largest group of cancers in the head and neck category. It can strike anywhere in the mouth. The early symptoms are often silent, making regular oral exams crucial.

Diagnosing Pathological Diseases

Pathological diseases are diagnosed with a thorough oral exam. When you notice any changes in the soft tissues of your mouth, no matter how trivial they may seem, it is important that you schedule an appointment right away. Diagnosing pathological diseases starts with a visual exam of your mouth. We look over the tissues within your mouth, checking for unusual growths, lesions, and other abnormalities. We may take x-rays to examine the hidden areas of your mouth. We may also perform a soft tissue biopsy. A biopsy involves removing a section of an abnormality for closer examination under a microscope. Biopsies are common tools for diagnosing or ruling out, the presence of oral cancer. After a diagnosis has been made, we can then create a treatment plan to restore the health of your mouth.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Treatment for your pathological issue will depend upon your diagnosis. Common treatments for oral pathological diseases include:
•  Antibiotics. If you have an infection, we may prescribe antibiotics to help eliminate bacteria.
•  Prescription mouthwashes. If your pathological disease is caused by poor oral hygiene, a prescription mouthwash may be recommended to help eliminate the bacteria in your mouth. Mouthwashes should be used in conjunction with improved oral hygiene practices.
•  Surgery. Surgery may be recommended to remove noncancerous growths or cysts. It may also be used to remove cancerous growths to help prevent its spread. If the growth we remove is cancerous, we will then recommend you for further treatment.

Any changes to the intraoral tissues should be addressed right away so that you can get the treatment you need to regain your oral health. For more information, please call Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center today at 925-290-7727.
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Any changes to intraoral tissues should be addressed right away. For more information, please call Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center in Livermore today.
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