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Oral Surgery for Facial Imbalances

woman smilingNo two faces of any one human are exactly alike, but for some patients, they may find severe asymmetry within their face. When a face is severely imbalanced due to complications that arose during development, this can cause severe problems with the individual’s quality of life. These issues go beyond just the appearance of the teeth and cannot be treated with simple orthodontics; they require surgery to fix the actual problems with the jaw.

People with facial imbalances due to poor jaw alignment may find that they have issues with a variety of things that most people take for granted, like speaking clearly, breathing, and even eating with comfort. To help our patient live their best life, we here at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center often recommend surgery to correct their facial imbalances.

What Happens During Oral Surgery for Facial Imbalances?

Serious facial imbalances require surgery to correct them. While they may be used alongside orthodontia (such as dental braces), orthodontic treatment is no substitution for the critical oral surgery to treat the imbalance. While a facial imbalance can certainly negatively affect the appearance of the individual who has it, the ultimate goal is to fix the imbalance and restore comfort and function of the mouth to the patient.

Before we proceed with any types of surgery for your facial surgery, we will first start by thoroughly assessing your mouth. This will allow us to better understand the severity of the imbalance and the surrounding bone tissue. We may take X-rays or other digital images to give us a closer look at your jaw. Once we are satisfied that we know the structures of your mouth and the specific area that is imbalanced, we will then come up with a surgical plan to treat your imbalance.

One of the more common types of surgery we perform for facial imbalances is an osteotomy, and for patients who have a facial imbalance in the maxilla (the upper jaw), a Lefort I Osteotomy of the Maxilla should address it. This procedure treats imbalances of the lower area of the midface, treating the imbalance in the upper jaw. When the imbalance occurs in the lower jaw, we will instead perform surgery on the mandibular ramus (the lower jaw). This can allow us to adjust this lower jaw, moving it either forward or backward, depending on the direction of the imbalance.

Take Control Over Your Facial Imbalances Today By Calling Our Office

A facial imbalance does not need to hold you back in life or prevent you from speaking or eating without discomfort. Oral surgery – whether it is on the mandible, maxilla, or the chin – can correct these imbalances for you. To learn more about how we here at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center perform oral surgery for facial imbalances, or to set up an appointment with us, please give us a call today at 925-290-7727!
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To learn more about how we here at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center perform oral surgery, or to set up an appointment with us, please give us a call today.
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