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Sinus Lift Procedure Recovery

woman smilingTooth loss often means bone loss for many people. Your teeth work hard, and it is not until they have been lost does the true scope of their value become fully understood. However, without a tooth in place, your bone mass in your mouth may start to shrink and deteriorate. For many patients, this can lead to an unattractive face that droops and sags.

Bone loss is not just a cosmetic problem, however. It can make it a challenge for patients to be able to consider dental implants if they do not have enough bone mass in their upper jaw. We here at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center often advise a sinus lift for these patients to help them to get enough height in their upper jaw. This procedure is a safe procedure, but it does require that you adhere to our aftercare instructions to ensure the best outcome.

What Do I Need to Do After My Sinus Lift Procedure?

A sinus lift procedure is a great option for patients who have sustained bone loss in their upper jaw. This allows us to restore the missing bone, giving a patient who may not otherwise be a candidate for dental implants a chance at getting a permanent and attractive dental prosthesis in their mouth. During a sinus lift, we will expose the surgical site by placing an incision into the gum tissue on the upper back area of the jaw. We will place donor bone graft material at the surgical site, building it up. Once we are satisfied with the amount of bone graft and the new height of the area, we will suture it closed again and allow for it to heal.

While a sinus lift is a safe and common outpatient procedure, we do need you to follow all of our instructions after the surgery to make sure you avoid any unwanted complications. You may experience bleeding after the sinus lift, which is common and to be expected. We will pack the surgical site with gauze to help with the bleeding. In the first half hour after the procedure, do not remove the gauze from the surgical site. It needs to remain in place this entire time. After a half hour, however, you can start changing your gauze as needed until the bleeding stops.

One thing that we really must stress is that you absolutely must not blow your nose in the four weeks following your surgery. This can damage the surgical site and cause problems. Resist the urge to sneeze, as well. Furthermore, anything that can cause pressure on the area must be avoided. This includes using a drinking straw, traveling by airplane, and even scuba diving. Musically talented individuals who play wind instruments need to stop as they heal, too.

The night of the procedure, you may gently rinse your mouth out using salt water or, if we prescribed an oral antibiotic rinse, you might use that. Wait 48 hours before you brush your teeth, and when you finally do start brushing again, be very gentle. Avoid exercise in the days following the procedure, at least for 48 hours, but possibly up to a week following. If we prescribe pain or other medication, take it as advised. If you notice any sign of an infection, such as a fever or foul discharge from the surgical site, you must call us immediately.

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If you are interested in learning more about a sinus lift and how this procedure can help pave the way for dental implants in our patients, or to schedule an appointment with us here at Pacific Oral & Facial Surgery Center, please give us a call today at 925-290-7727!
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